About the Cat

Okay, it’s time for an update here – still, “Hello!”

Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you enjoy your stay!

“The Cat” isn’t anything in particular, but simply a reference as to how I sign things, from artwork to food I’d keep in the staff kitchen at work. I don’t know why I feel the need to explain this; it just feels conversational. Sorry. 🙂

Speaking of work, I was once (recently) employed as a graduate-multimedia-production-asssistant at Warwick University. Super long job title, I know! They were a great bunch to work with.

As that contract has ended, I “work” for myself now as an entrepreneur. This is code for: I am currently unemployed until I make it otherwise. I quite like the project that’s going to hire me when I complete it.

Being an entrepreneur is really challenging, and I would say I really rely on some of the YouTubers who do the motivational-type-thing to remind me that it’s all actually possible. I tend to get quite dramatic when I’m in a pessimistic mood and bemoan – almost literally – everything. (I can be such a mortal like that.)

This was initially just going to be a site about the project that was getting me through my lunchtimes at work. Sat in a branch of one of my favourite coffee chain shops, it was the first time a stranger talked to me about how impressed they were with my artwork. Please know that this was super important to me, as I was one of those kids in art class that frustrated the teachers and was the root cause of many a frown and heavy sigh. (Until Uni, were art classes were great! 😀 )

Which is why I decided to go with it: write about what was up with my art and where it may or may not be going. Oh, and also, anything else that I find interesting. And the “big project” that is my Holy Grail and will hopefully remedy the entrepreneur-code-thing I mentioned.

Happy reading, and get in touch if you’d like. 🙂

The Cat