We’ve Moved!

Having had this blog for over a year now, I decided it was time to have more flexibility. More flexibility over layout and design, more control over plugins and general functionality. After looking into it, I found that the best option for me to do that was to move to a self-hosted site.

Please join me over at catgarrett.com. Yep, that’s right! I got rid of the “WordPress” part of my domain.

I will be releasing new content over there as normal.

What happens to the current content?

As part of the migratory process, all the posts and information that is available here has been transferred. Although it is the same content, it may look different depending on which theme is active.

Nothing here is going to disappear. I am leaving the content on this site as is, at least for now. Feel free to refer back to here as you please.

I’m a follower. What happens to me?

If you are one of my lovely followers, fear not. As part of the migration, all followers have also been moved over to following the current site.

If you followed via email:

You will continue to receive email notifications from the blog when something new is released. You don’t need to do anything to remain updated.

If you followed via wordpress.com:

You will only see new posts in the WordPress Reader. If you would like to continue to receive email notifications, you can. Visit catgarrett.com and enter your email address into the subscribe box in the top of the side bar.

Reach for new horizons-01How I moved

Are you also looking to move to self-hosting? For a stressless migratory process, try using wpbeginner.com’s free setup service. They will do all the work for you – so you can get on with life. Approximately, it will take between 3-5 working days to complete.

As a bonus, it’s completely free! Just make sure you follow the links they have to possible hosting companies. There are offers on frequently, so you won’t feel tempted to use a discount code. If you use a discount code in purchasing your hosting, you will no longer be eligible for the setup service.

That’s all folks!

Although I am tempted to say that I will never write a blog post here again, I am wary to do so. Never say never, as they say. May the journey continue!

Finally, I want to thank you very much for sticking with me this far. It’s been really encouraging having you along for the ride and I hope you will continue to support me. 🙂



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