Habits Over Inspiration

Inspiration Is Temporaryapple fruit inspiration seed-01

One concept that trips a lot of would-be-great entrepreneurs up, is the notion of being inspired and using only that as motivation to complete a goal. Getting really fired up and enthused about all the things that they are going to get done from watching a video or attending a seminar.

And yet, a few weeks down the line, what have they done in order to achieve their goal? Nine times out of ten, they have yet to enact any serious change. Why – the inspiration runs out.

Inspiration is good but it only get you as far as in-the-moment. It’s only going to fuel you for a short time. You need to set up systems that will hold you accountable. Decide something is going to be done and regardless of how you feel emotionally about it, how little inspiration you may have, you have made your decision. Honour your own decision with follow-through.

Habits are Systems for Success

star inspiration-01What are now popularly being called “systems” and “installing systems” in your life, are really just habits, in layman’s terms. But these aren’t just any habits. They are good habits, born of deliberate action and premeditated thought in order to make it easier and more reflexive to, for example, get up at the same time every day. To work out four times a week. Whatever it is that will help you move towards realising your goal and making your dream your reality.

It won’t be easy to ingrain a new habit into your life; just because it’s good for you doesn’t make it easy. Habits form out of repetition. It can be quite stressful on your brain to learn the new neural pathway and prioritise it as default, so increase your chances of making it stick by taking on only one, maybe two, new habits at a time. When you find yourself doing it automatically, then you can move on to the next important “system” you want in your life.

Reflect and Improve

Keep track of your progress and reflect on how well you are doing on your new habit each week. Asking yourself these questions and contemplating the answers can consolidate your progress to achieve a new, good and healthy habit into your daily life:

  • What is making it harder than it has to be?
  • What mindset do I need to adopt in order for this to become more natural?
  • What doubts am I having and how can I resolve them?
  • How can I catch old habits and interrupt them?
  • Imagine how will the day go when this is my new normal

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