3 Benefits of Morning Sunshine


With spring here, soon to ebb into summer, it’s a perfect time to use the morning sunshine to help you live better. Here’s how.

1. Sunshine on your Skin Equals Happiness

Exposing your skin to sunshine in the mornings does many great things for you. One of those amazing things is that sunshine directly on your skin causes your brain to generate the serotonin hormone. This is a happiness hormone, and will make mornings less mean and more enjoyable.

If you have a warm complexion you should be aiming for 20-30 minutes in the sun, otherwise 10-20 minutes should be enough. The more melanin in your skin – which acts as a natural sunblock – the more sunlight you will need as it will be harder to produce the serotonin you need.


2. Sunshine Boosts Alertness

Spending time in the sun between the times of 6AM and 8:30AM will cause your cortisol levels to super-amp in the mornings and baseline in the evenings. What is cortisol? It’s the stress hormone that lets you feel alert throughout the day. Having it spike in the morning means you will be better able to concentrate on the day’s tasks. It’s also the direct opposite of melatonin, so for it to spike in the mornings and bottom out by the end of the day will result in a getting good quality sleep that night.

3. Sunshine Leads to a Great Night Sleep

Serotonin is a precursor to melatonin. Melatonin is the hormone that makes you feel sleepy at night, which is important to having restful sleep. It’s important to take advantage of this hormone when you feel it around 10pm or so, as the best hours of sleep are from 11pm through to 2am. During this time is when your skin is repaired and studies say it is twice as good for you as being asleep at any other time.


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