Today, it’s cold outside and the weather can’t make up its mind if it’s raining or not.

Tucked away indoors, I’m busy lavishing all my time and effort today into our little Barry and Molly duo.

“Into the Hallowed”

As this is a semi-commercially minded project at the minute, not all of the details of this project’s creation will be going up here. But there will be lovely snippets, pictures and musings as I go.

I have 7-8 backgrounds to make, and as many scenes to animate. Altogether, this project is likely to cost me somewhere in the region of 398-414 hours to create. If this was my day job (as I would like it to be one day) that would be 3 months worth of work!

Did you know? In one of the first animations I am making for our site is a lovely, long, long…why is it so long lol…background.

You see, there is a forest. Lots of trees. And the start and end location to consider. As well as what I can and can’t tell you. I wish I could spill everything, it would make this feel so much simpler. I look forward to when everything is out in the open and I have finished drawing all the woods!

Here, have a small snippet…

dolls background 04 w dolls 1.1


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